Leave-In Conditioner: Sachajuan

Everybody should be using a leave in conditioner. Because the second you get out of the shower and start brushing, you ruin all of the damage control progress you just made. 

My hair is thick and dry and goes down to my waist. Leave in conditioner is so important to me that I even brought some on a camping trip last weekend. 

Currently, my favorite leave in conditioner is from Sachajuan. First of all, it smells great. This might not be super important to everyone but it's important to me. Secondly, it's very lightweight. I used to use Redken's Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in but it felt a little heavy, like I was gunking up my hair. It also smelled a lil meh. Sachajuan's lightness might be in part due to the fact that it's a spray, while Redken is not. But most importantly, it gets the job done. It detangles enough so that I can comb through my hair without worrying about breaking anything.

How I use it: After I get out of the shower, I wring out my hair and towel dry it just enough so that it's no longer sopping. I then spray it into my ends and sometimes halfway up my hair, then lightly comb through with my fingers and spray again on areas that tug and resist. Then I take a wide tooth comb (not a brush!) and gently comb through the damp hair. Once I'm sure it's all untangled, I run through with a fine tooth comb to make it real sleek. Lastly, I work some oil into my ends. I've tried tons of different oils and I haven't had issue with any of them and they all basically smell the same. So next time you're at the salon, just pick some up. I personally like Diptyque's Satin Oil because it comes in a spray form while most have pumps. The only real difference this makes is less oil on your hands afterwards. 

I air dry my hair because I'm lazy and hair dryers are loud. 



Let me know of any products I should try. I'm definitely going to be buying more from Sachajuan soon. 


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(I link my products to barneys.com but they are also sold at net-a-porter, nordstrom, and plenty of other places. I prefer ordering from barneys because they have free (and fairly quick) shipping.)